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We were born in Germany in 1982

Fritz and Michael Sieber started with their family and a handful of employees in a backyard. Since then a lot has changed:

The family of the Simba Dickie Group

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4,000 products
20 brands
3,000 employees
30 sites worldwide
8 production facilities

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Family tradition

In a family company, it goes without saying that everyone assumes responsibility.

The Board of the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP: Uwe Weiler (COO), Florian Sieber (Co-CEO), Michael Sieber (CEO) and Manfred Duschl (CFO) (f.l.t.r.).

With the next generation, the successful continuation in the sense of the company’s founders and vision is secured (f.l.t.r.): Maximilian Stork (Senior Product Manager), Florian Sieber (Co-CEO), Michael Sieber (CEO), Felix Stork (Corporate Marketing Director).

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We are an international corporation, breathing the spirit of a family